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Introduction to Cishan

Cishan, a famous historical and cultural mountain in China, is located in the west of Yantai Economic and Development Area. The natural scenery of Cishan is beautiful and magnificent, steep and peculiar. Cishan is famous for “Yinzhu Temple, Cishan Waterfall, Cishan Tea, Xiangu Lake, Whistling of the Wind in the Pines, Bamboo Forest, Three Springs, Secluded Caves, Strange Rocks”; Cishan Waterfall is one of the eight scenic spots in Yantai. In front of the towering Wanshou Peak, Cishan Pagoda is a landmark of Cishan. Clear waters and green hills, luxuriant forest and clear spring, thousands of natural wonders make Cishan so beautiful.


Cishan has a profound historical and cultural heritage. The pre-Qin Mouzi country was founded here and created a splendid civilization.


Yinzhu, one of the eight lords of Qi Kingdom was in Cishan, who forms the Yinzhu culture that has been passed down for thousands of years. First Emperor of Qin climbed Cishan thrice, and Emperor Wu of Han dynasty also came here to watch the famous scene with admiration. 75 successful candidates in the highest imperial examinations during the Ming and Qing dynasties were born here, and the contemporary celebrities and heroes are even more innumerable.


Cishan Hot Spring Town is located in the hinterland of Cishan, in the core area of Cishan Provincial Geological Park. It was invested and constructed by Yantai Cishan Shengshui Tianyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. Relying on Cishan’s profound historical and cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes, A park-based health community for health care and senior care featuring hot springs is created, integrating health care, culture, tourism, vacation, conference affairs, and leisure, including six major sections of hot spring resorts, areas for health care and senior care, imperial water&elegant town area, area for viewing sea from halfway in the mountain, Yinzhu cultural area and scenic spots area.As one of the three key tourism projects in Yantai City during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, and one of the nine key projects in Yantai Economic and Development Area,it has received strong support from party committees and governments at all levels.

Real Estate for Senior Care

The Cishan Hot Spring Town • Yishengyuan was invested and constructed by Shandong Jinhe Group. It is located in Yantai, a beautiful coastal city on Shandong Peninsula, at the foot of Cishan Mountain at the west end of Yantai Economic and Development Area. Its construction was started in April 2011. It is a high-end community for senior care under the “CCRC” model of the United States. It is the first health sanctuary in China to launch the four major “MCMS” security systems. The community covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with a floor area of 73,000 square meters. It has more than 20 small buildings with 5-10 floors, more than 650 sets of home-style houses, which can accommodate more than 1,400 elderly people.In here 60 to 100 square meters’ apartments with accessible and humanized supporting facilities which are created with the participation of international design masters suitable for the elderly are exquisitely projected . 


The Yishengyuan community has two buildings of wellness centers and membership club with a total of 13,000 square meters, equipped with services of health care catering, medical care, cultural entertainment, and housekeeping services four aspects. 78 major service menus are handpicked to provide a full range of health care and senior care services for the entire community and create a healthy, happy and merry living environment. 


Cishan Hot Spring Town • Yishengyuan takes “showing filial piety on behalf of the children, sharing worries of the society, and benefiting the elderly” as its purpose and “quality-based senior care” as its core culture. Yishengyuan carefully tempers the connotation of quality-based care for the elderly: One soul---filial piety (Piety is the foundation of all virtues), two precious resources---water and air (four major resources for human survival: food, water, air, and sunshine), three health-maintenance strategies---environment, culture, and service, and four supporting models for the aged---home, rental, vacation, and hospice. The business philosophy of whole-process, one-stop and menu service is initiated, turning senior care into health maintenance, and creating a health sanctuary where the elderly are satisfied, their children are proud , and the society yearns.

Travel and Vacation

Cishan has a long history and culture where Yinzhu, one of the eight lords of Qi Kingdom was enfeoffed here. Historical Record-The Sixth Chronicle of Biography of First Emperor of Qin recorded “the First Emperor of Qin climbed the mountain to offer sacrifices to Yinzhu” at that time. Besides,Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty asked for immortals and medicines on his way to the east. According to historical records, 75 successful candidates in the highest imperial examinations in Ming and Qing Dynasties are grown in Cishan.And Wang Yirong, the father of inscriptions on bones was born in Cishan.Cishan Mountain has the scene changing with time, and is a rare health resort in the world with marvelous natural scenery. 


Cishan Hot Spring Town was invested and built by Yantai Cishan Shengshui Tianyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Jinhe Group. It covers a total area of 3,200 mu and has a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan, including 6 sectors of hot spring resorts, Yisheng senior care areas,Imperial water&elegant town area, the area for viewing sea from halfway in the mountain, Yinzhu Cultural area, and Scenic Spots area. Cishan Hot Spring Town has all-round configuration and quality-seeking one-stop service. Relying on Cishan's profound historical and cultural heritage and exquisite natural landscapes, a large health community of original ecology and park-style featuring hot springs and integrating health preservation, care for the elderly, tourism, vacation, business, and conference affairs has been built. With environment, culture, and service as the three strategic goals, we will create the fifteen brand characteristics of “mountains, rivers, forest, sea, cleanness, ancient, culture, parent, filial piety, love, peaceful, health, special, care and happiness”. Aiming at being the business card of Yantai City, it has outstanding economic and social benefits. 


Cishan Hot Spring Resort is located in the center of Cishan Provincial geological park of Yantai. It faces the Yellow Sea to the north, Penglai to the west, and Yantai downtown to the east. It is a hot spring resort within the urban transportation network. It covers an area of nearly 200 mu and a floor area of 30,000 square meters.


The water quality of Cishan Hot Spring is excellent, which is taken from the rock cracks of 1580 meters underground. The daily water discharge volume reaches 2,000 cubic meters, and the outlet water temperature reaches 56 degrees centigrade. It is slightly alkaline deep groundwater, rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements,which is beneficial to the human body. In particular, the content of strontium is more than 5 times that of ordinary water. It is a healthy water that contains rich minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and has outstanding health and health effects. 


The entire buildings of the resort adopt the antique architectural style of Qin and Han Dynasties with winding paths to the mountain,are surrounded by famous mountains and green forests,and have appropriate temperature and humidity.There’re more than 20,000 units of negative oxygen ions in a cubic centimeter so it’s also a well-known natural oxygen bar.It creates a peaceful, harmonious and beautiful spiritual harbor for people who are tired of urban stress and busy life. 


There are more than 50 characteristic indoor and outdoor bathing pools in the hot spring resort, which are carefully provided, reflect great originality, and have different health and beauty functions. There are large spas, steam rooms, infrared physiotherapy rooms and other facilities to meet the needs of different tourists. 400 square meters outdoor swimming pool make you enjoy the fun of swimming in the water. 12 cabins with character and style are located in a quiet and elegant location in the park, equipped with independent bubble pools, lounges and living rooms, surrounded by trees and flowers, antique, noble and elegant, which show the personal status of the distinguished guests. Private villas, bubble pools and private courtyards in all directions offer lovers a private space. There are also children’s water parks, naughty forts and various recreational facilities, allowing children to find their own happy territory. 


The clubhouse of the hot spring is fully functional. Seven meeting rooms of different sizes are elegant, spacious and bright, which are ideal places for official meetings and business negotiations. There are more than 120 guest rooms, with simple elegant, and bright decoration, which make you warm and comfortable. The eight presidential suites are built and decorated according to the standards of five-star hotel, equipped with independent baths and gymnasiums, demonstrates respectable nobleness. 


The catering offered by hot spring restaurant famous for seafood, features Shanghai Styled Shandong cuisine,and also combines the essence of other cuisines. The ingredients are selected freshly and cooked meticulously. Every dish is a classic work.Both the nutrition and visual beauty are paid great attention to. 


The floating restaurant provides convenient and fast nutritious meals for the guests bathing in hot spring. 


The superlative craftsmanship of nature and the ingenuity of Jinhe people have given the ancient Cishan a charming demeanor. Cishan Hot Spring Town is preparing to welcome guests from all over the world with a brand-new appearance,high-standard and high-quality services. Here, we sincerely invite everyone to visit Cishan Hot Spring Town, welcome to Cishan Hot Spring Town!

Official Business
The high-end business district of Cishan Hot Spring Town is located in the hinterland of Cishan cultural context, with the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with lakes in front to gather wealth and happiness, and famous mountains at its back as its solid foundations. Traditional Chinese cultural celebrities interpreted it as an excellent place for Feng Shui(geomantic omen), which is rare in the world. Such a treasured land is completely natural and matchless.

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