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I. Factory Motto:
1. Integrity
Integrity is the foundation of moral. In the Chinese character indicating integrity in the carapace-bone-script, the upper part indicates direction and target, and lower part indicates feet, meaning to walk straight in this direction or towards this target. Straightforwardness in Chinese indicates “the square view”, meaning unyielding. 
As far as a company is concerned, integrity indicates honesty, law-abiding, and fairness. (1) Honesty: Treating the society, partners and employees based on the principle of revitalizing the business through integrity, to achieve win-win benefits and common prosperity. (2) Law-abiding: Operating and protecting ourselves by abiding by laws, complying with laws and regulations, and respecting social ethics, to become a trustworthy and respectful corporate citizen. (3) Fairness: Advocating openness and fairness, maintaining justice, and establishing a healthy and upright atmosphere. 
For individuals, “integrity” indicates decency, uprightness, loyalty, and resolution. (1) Decency: Eradicating evil and pursuing kindness, fair and square, self-disciplined, and virtuous. (2) Uprightness: Frank and simple, sincere and straightforward, trustworthy. (3) Loyalty: Loyal to the motherland, the cause, and promises; be trustworthy. (4) Resolution: Indomitable and persevering for the success of careers.  
2. Solidarity
Solidarity indicates congenial and harmonious, and represents harmony, smoothness, and unity, which is the most respected and pursued realm in Chinese culture. The “solidarity” advocated by Jinhe indicates the good wishes of Jinhe to nature, the society and the company itself. 
For nature, Jinhe assumes the task of “protecting the environment and loving the homeland”, being dedicated to energy conservation, clean production, afforestation, beautifying the homeland, and building a beautiful world with blossoming flowers, singling birds, clear water, exuberant trees, where human beings and nature coexist in harmony. 
For the society, Jinhe people actively fulfill their social responsibilities, participate in public welfare undertakings, and care about people's livelihood, contributing the pure heart of a loving son to the society. 
It is the persistent goal of Jinhe Group to create a talent team that advances with the times and complies with the needs of the company’s development. Jinhe people gather together for the sake of their common cause and pursuit. They share trust and love and help one another. By seeking commonness while reserving minor differences, they have formed a team with strong cohesion and combat power. Relying on the policy of respecting knowledge, talents, labor, and creation, Jinhe Group has created a platform for employees to display their abilities.
3. Starting New Undertakings
To start new undertakings is to create more wealth and value for the society. It is the cause of Jinhe people, and the best embodiment of the life value of Jinhe people. 
Starting new undertakings is the major approach taken by Jinhe Group to fulfill their social responsibilities. Jinhe people take on a broader and loftier social significance in their entrepreneurial concept, which including creating tax revenues for the county, wealth for the society, and values for employees.  
We will always uphold the enterprising spirit without feeling complacent. The entrepreneurial process is long and arduous; however, Jinhe people find pleasure in overcoming difficulties and take creation and innovation as an honor, pursuing relentlessly on the road of creating new businesses and working hard perseveringly by relying on self-motivation. 
Not for the best, but for the better. The process of starting new undertakings is the process of pursuing excellence and constant self-transcendence. We will never be legalistic or conceited. We are modest and prudent, while constantly summing up experiences and making continuous improvement. We seek higher standards to create better results.
4. Diligence and Thrift 
Diligence and thrift is both the traditional virtues of the Chinese and the fine tradition of Jinhe Group.
Diligence means to do things earnestly, meet hardship and difficulties head-on, and work in the down-to-earth manner. “Achievement is found on diligence and wasted upon recklessness”. In order to achieve successful career and a better life, we must be hard-working and industrious. We should fulfill major tasks properly, and look into details of minor things. We should be consistent, perseverant, and tirelessly at work. 
Thrifty indicates frugality, self-restraint, and saving. Jinhe people always remind themselves of making careful plans to reduce costs on production and management, and live a sound a healthy life, while keeping the diligent and prudent virtue. 
Our factory motto is both the code of conduct and the interrelated, harmonious and unified wholeness.
II. Policy: 
1. Ideological innovation
Jinhe Group is a learning and innovation-oriented organization. Jinhe people will always maintain their modest and learning attitude, to learn from the society, the practice, and other people. They will never feel contented in terms of learning from others, management philosophy, working methods, quality and ability, personal training and so on. They have the courage to break away from their old thoughts and surpass themselves; they dare to break the routine, to create and strive for the goals; they are good at summing up and improving themselves, to keep pace with the times and the development of the company. 
2. Management innovation 
Jinhe Group pursues the advanced, scientific and standardized management mode. From the “four settings and one prize” at the beginning of the company to the “five indicators assessment” and the system management, and then to the standardized and programmed management, they never habitually conform to the customs, nor rest on the laurels; being realistic and seeking practical results, Jinhe Group constantly explores their own management mode, encourages all-staff innovation, fully stimulate the enthusiasm for innovation of all the staff, and build the strong vitality of the enterprise for development. 
3. Technological innovation 
Jinhe Group is a pioneer from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, marching ahead of others by building brands through leading technology and creating competitiveness through constant innovation. 
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