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Over the 32 years, Jinhe Group follows the general trend, forging ahead, while growing and expanding in explorations and tempering, having gradually formed the cultural temperament and ideas adapted to their own development. The summarization, refining and sublimation of these temperament and ideas bear great significance for the future development of Jinhe Group. 
In this era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, a number of outstanding enterprises are bound to emerge, which are entrusted with the great expectations of the Chinese people for the rise of the nation, and the great mission to promote China's rapid economic development. Jinhe will consciously become part of these outstanding companies: we have not only sensed the glory of the times, but also realized our responsibilities. Based on these understandings, the idea of “revitalizing the country through industries, and serving the country through industries” has become the mission of Jinhe people, and the core value of the cause of Jinhe. We aspire to become the excellent operator and consolidator of the industry, which is the concrete manifestation of our mission, and the conscious positioning of Jinhe, the corporate citizen, to repay the society for that it takes from it. Our goal is great and deserves Jinhe people to practice in their whole life on the stage of career. However, the process of achieving the goal is difficult, which take extraordinary efforts and wisdom, as well as intimate cooperation. Jinhe culture has been bred in this process, which has further united us together, to go through the arduous but beautiful journey. 
Capital can achieve leaps through excellent operations of industries, while industrial operation can scale new heights driven by capital. This is the only way for modern enterprises to stay evergreen in the new business environment. In order to achieve the best combination of industries and capital, we need not only macroeconomic wisdom, but also the profound and meticulous operating capacities. Just like the people and culture advocated by Jinhe. While following the natural course and remain flexible, we should also stick to our faith, be responsible and pragmatic; while being broad-minded and surpassing ourselves, we should also be introversive and calm, and apply what we learn to our practice. 
Over the past 32 years since its inception, Jinhe has achieved certain progresses in chemical industry, pension and health, machinery manufacturing, real estate development and other fields. Jinhe people hope to contribute greater strength to the society through their own efforts. 
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ADD: Jinhe Industrial Park, Shanghai Avenue, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yantai 
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