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Introduction to Cishan Mountains
Cishan Mountains is a famous mountain in China with rich historical and cultural content, located in the west of Yantai Development Zone. Enjoying beautiful and spectacular natural scenery, Cishan is famous for “Yinzhu Temple, Cishan Falls, Cishan tea, Fairy Lake, pines, bamboo forest, San Springs, secluded caves, grotesque stones”; Cishan Falls is one of the eight wonders of Yantai; Cishan Fortaleza towers in front of Mount Wanshou, which is a landmark of Cishan Mountains. Blue mountains, clear waters, lush forests and clear springs, the countless wonders in nature have bestowed Cishan remarkable spectacles.
Cishan enjoys rich historical and cultural heritage. The Muzi Kingdom in the pre-Qin period was established here, having created a splendid civilization.
One of the eight main packets in the Qi Kingdom - the Lord Yin was settled in Cishan, giving birth to the millennium Yinzhu culture. Qin Shi Huang personally visited Qi Mountain for three times, and Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty also came here for its fame. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, it gave birth to 75 Scholars, and contemporary celebrities born here are also enormous.
Cishan hot spring town is located in the hinterland of Cishan, located in the heart of the provincial Geopark of Cishan Mountains, which was invested and constructed by Yantai Cishan Shengshui Tianyuan Properties Co., Ltd. Relying on the rich historical and cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes in Cishan Mountains, they have created a large community for caring for the aged and providing health reservation services, with hot springs as the central feature, integrating health reservation, culture, tourism, vacation, meeting, leisure and other functions. It consists of hot spring resort, Yisheng old-age care area, Yushui Yadu area, Mid-hill sea view area, Yinzhu cultural area, and scenic spots, which is one of the three major “12th Five-year” major tourism projects in Yantai, and one of the nine key projects in Yantai Development Zone, having received strong support from the Party committees at all levels.
Old-age Care Real Estates

Cishan Hot Spring Town • Yishengyuan was invested and constructed by Shandong Jinhe Group, located at the west end at the foot of Cishan Mountains in Yantai Development Zone in the beautiful coastal city on the Shandong Peninsula --- Yantai. The construction of the project was started in April 2011, which is a high-end retirement community operated in the “CCRC” mode of the U.S. It is the first health reservation shrine that has launched the “MCMS” four security systems in China. The community covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with a floor area of 73,000 square meters, and consists of more than 20 5-10-floor small-body-mass buildings, and more than 650 home-style housings, which can accommodate more than 1,400 elderly persons. It is also planned to build 60-100m2 compact types, barrier-free and user-friendly facilities, which are designed by international designers of habitable residences for the aged.
Yishengyuan Community has two buildings: the convalescent center and the membership club which cover a total of 13,000 square meters, being equipped with health food catering, medical escort, culture and entertainment, and housekeeping services, the four service items. 78 major service menus are elaborately selected, to provide a full range of health care services for the entire community, and create a healthy, delightful, and happy living environment.

Cishan Hot Spring Town • Yishengyuan upholds the tenet of “be filial to the elderly for their children, share the social responsibilities, and bring blessings for the elderly”, and the company's core culture of “providing high-quality care for the elderly”. Yishengyuan has elaborately developed the connotation of high-quality care for the elderly: one soul --- piety (piety is the most important virtue of all others), two precious resources --- water and air (four resources for human survival: food, water, air, sunlight), three health reservation strategies --- environment, culture, services, and four elderly care models --- home, rental, resort, hospice. The original whole-process, one-stop, and menu-service operation concept turns the care for the elderly into health reservation, to create a health reservation shrine that the elderly feel satisfied, sons and daughters feel proud of and the mass longs for.

Tourist Resort

Cishan enjoys time honored history and culture, Yinzhu, one of the eight lords in the Qi Kingdom was given the land of Cishan as his manor. “Shih Chi • A Biography of the First Emperor of Qin” recorded that the First Emperor of Qin climbed up Cishan Mountains and worshiped Lord Yinzhu”; in addition, Emperor Wu Di of Han dynasty queried for the immortality drug here on his way of touring eastward. According to historical records, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Cishan gave birth to 75 Scholars. The father of Oracle, Wang Yirong, was born in Cishan. Cishan Mountains boasts of beautiful scenery, where the scenes change with time and positions. It is a rare place for health reservation, and a wonder created by nature.

Cishan Hot Spring Town was invested and constructed by Yantai Cishan Shengshui Tianyuan Properties Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jinhe Group, covering a total area of 3,200 mu, with a total investment of RMB 1.8 billion. It consists of hot spring resort, Yisheng old-age care area, Yushui Yadu area, Mid-hill sea view area, Yinzhu cultural area, and scenic spots. Cishan Hot Spring Town is fully facilitated, and pursues quality one-stop service. Relying on the rich historical and cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes of Cishan, they have created an ecological garden-style health reservation community with hot springs as the central feature, integrating health reservation, culture, tourism, vacation, meeting, leisure and other functions. With environment, culture, and service as the three strategic objectives, the company has created fifteen brand features centered on “pure landscapes and woodlands, traditional filial love, safety, health, care and happiness”. Sticking to the goal of creating of business card for Yantai, it has achieved outstanding economic and social benefits.
Cishan Spa Resort is located in the heart of the provincial Geopark of Cishan Mountains, facing the Yellow Sea in the north, connected with Penglai in the west, and adjacent to Yantai in the east, which is a the spa resort within the urban transport network. The project covers nearly 200 mu, with a building area of 30,000 square meters.
Cishan hot springs have excellent water quality, which is extracted from the gaps of rocks 1,580 meters underground, with a daily water output of 2,000 cubic meters; the water temperature at the outlets reaches 56ºC. The water is deep groundwater with weak alkaline, which is rich in minerals and trace elements beneficial to human beings. It is especially rich in strontium, whose content is five times greater than the normal water. Therefore, it is good to health. With rich minerals and trace elements beneficial to human bodies, the hot springs have remarkable effectiveness for health reservation.

The overall buildings at the Resort are of the antique architectural style of the Qin and Han Dynasties, which follow the natural shapes of mountains, winding into a secluded retreat, and being surrounded by the scenic mountains and the green sea. The temperature and humidity are quite agreeable; the negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter exceed 20,000. It is a well-known natural oxygen bar, creating a peaceful, harmonious, and beautiful soul harbor for people being trapped in the tense cities and chaotic lives.

The Hot Spring Resort area has more than 50 featured indoor and outdoor hot pools, which are carefully and creatively designed, being equipped with health reservation and beauty functions. It has large spas, sweat steam rooms, infrared therapy rooms and other facilities, to meet the different needs of tourists. The 400m2 outdoor swimming pool allows you to enjoy the fun of playing in the water. The 12 cabins are located in the elegant and quiet locations in the park, each of which is equipped with a separate hot pool, a lounge and a living room. Embraced by flowers and trees, the antique and elegant style highlights the high taste of distinguished guests. The private hot pools everywhere, and the detached court yards are ideal private places for couples. In addition, the children's water park, Naughty Fort and various entertainment facilities for children allow them to find an exclusive land of joy.
The Hot Spring Resort has full functions. The seven meeting rooms are of different sizes; elegant and generous, bright and spacious, they are ideal places for official meetings and business negotiations. More than 120 accommodation rooms are decorated in the classic and elegant style, simple and clean, warm and comfortable. The eight president suites were built and decorated according to the five-star hotel standards, equipped with separate tubs and gym facilities, highlighting the distinguished status of guests.

The restaurants at the Hot Spring Resort mainly offer Shanghai and Shandong cuisines, famous for their seafood, supplemented by the essences of other cuisines. The ingredients are carefully selected and exquisitely cooked. Each dish is classical, with special attention to nutrition and visual beauty.
The Waterfront Restaurant offers convenient nutritious meals for guests enjoying hot springs.

The creativity of Mother Nature and the originality of Jinhe people have awakened the charm of the old Cishan. Cishan Hot Spring Town is ready for receiving guests from around the world with a new look, high standards and quality services. We cordially invite you to come and visit Cishan Hot Spring Town. Welcome to Cishan Hot Spring Town!

Business and Official Affairs
The high-end business area of Cishan Hot Spring Town is located in the hinterland of the context of Cishan Mountains. With sunrise in the east, sunset in the west, mountains at the back and water in the front – the Fairy Lake in the front symbolizing the gathering of wealth and blessings, and the famous mountain seated at the back symbolizing the solid foundation, this is a superior and rare land with auspicious Fengshui according to the traditional Chinese culture. Such a treasurable land, a masterpiece of nature, is second to none among peers.
The high-end enterprise club of Cishan Hot Spring Town is located at the west end of “Yushui Yadu”, close to the trunk road - Yuxi Road, and adjacent to Yishengyuan International Old-aged Care Services Area in the south. It is facilitated with Cishan hot springs, VIP room and board, and other functions. Located on the bank of the Fairy Lake, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cishan Mountains, it has rare advantages in natural and cultural environments. The comprehensive conditions are not duplicable, which has inestimable brand value, being highly favored by high-end guests.

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